Meaning of Halloween and history,Halloween quotes and pictures(Happy Halloween)

Meaning of Halloween and history,Halloween quotes and pictures(Happy Halloween)

Let me start by wishing you all a happy Halloween.I hope the silly clown sighting craze that engulfed countries recently does not spoil things today for those who genuinely want to enjoy the historic occasion.

So What is the meaning of Halloween?Well there are conflicting reports,but the most popular says,
the Americanised Halloween that we experience now actually originated in the Celtic fringes of Britain, and was adapted by Christian traditions, immigrants' conventions and an insatiable desire for sweets.
The word comes from 'Hallowed evening', and is the day before All Hallows Day - also known as All Saints' Day.
Halloween and the Samhain Feast also provided an opportunity to be reminded of or learn about Christian heroes and martyrs along with the Celt‘s continuing to officially recognize and commemorate the souls of their blessed dead who had been declared saints. 

Many scholars agree that the commemoration of saints on November 1 first originated in Ireland, spread from there to England, and then to the continent of Europe with the rise of Christianity. By the ninth century, the Roman Catholic Church adopted the Celt’s Halloween
tradition and Pope Gregory IV sent out an official letter of notification urging that Halloween be observed in harmony with All Saints Day throughout the Roman Empire. 

Halloween is derived from the term All Hollows Eve and "Hallomass," meaning Holy evening. 

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So after that bout of history,lets have some fun with some Halloween quotes.

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Hope you enjoyed those Halloween pictures and quotes,as well as the history you learnt about the historical day.Now go out there,be merry,be happy and get scary!
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