Meet Bobrisky,his Bae,biography,before and after pictures and Denrele rivalry.

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Idris Olanrewaju is becoming a phenomenon.Who is Bobrisky and why does he get all this attention?Well like i said the boy who was known by his normal name of Idris before the Snapchat and Instagram fame is now all over the media.And he is enjoying himself,he flashes his money which he claims he gets from his bae.Now bae,that is another matter entirely.Bobrisky has denied he is gay,but many times he has let off that his bae is a guy,so i guess that answers the gay questions.

He also tried to get in a war of words with another popular Nigerian eccentric,Denrele Edun.But Denrele was clever enough not to bite his bait,cos he realised he just wants to sue him to get more

Seeing the Bobrisky before and after pictures is an amazing revelation.You just cannot believe that this uy who is now so effeminate and glamorous could look this ordinary and plain.I guess his before and after pictures could be an inspiration for many and further confirm the saying that no one is ugly,JUST BROKE!

Image result for bobrisky

Image result for bobrisky
I like Bobrisky,he is smart and he is funny,i always laugh at his interviews,cos they are funny.I hope he exploits his fame and make all the money he can while he can.Cos he wont be in demand forever.There is always a new kid on the block,that is guaranteed.

Lets learn a bit more in Bobrisky's biography.
 As we all know by now,his name is  Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju,he is nicknamed Nigeria’s male barbie doll.He totally changed his skin from a very dark colour to that of a very fair pale skinned she boy. He has in the past advertised and endorsed her products in several Instagram videos.
He is always the subject of discussions online because of the very interesting videos/photos he posts on video/photo sharing social networking site snap chat and instagram, his before and after photos broke the net, his make up and artificial nails look better than that of most ladies.And there you have it ladies and gentlemen,the Bobrisky biography.

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