Nigerian woman in London releases explosive S.ex scandal Video!

Nigerian woman in London releases explosive S.ex scandal Video!

Nigerian's fighting in London and airing their business in public is becoming the norm.This messy affair between a popular light skinned magazine editor known as Infinity and his one time close friend Hakeem Adetoro has been all over the social media for a while.
I actually thought it was all over done and dusted till one of the ladies involved released this explosive video.The Nigerian community in london are now getting used to being entertained with scandals via social media.
In this video she really went to war against all those she says have been bad mouthing and talking about her.Apparently,there is suppose to be a picture or pictures of her that are intimate.Someone was threatening to release the pictures.Obviously,no one can be happy about such.She has promised to retaliate in full if this happens with revelations that will rock London!

I am not sure exactly of what is going on there,but she talked about all sorts as well as married
couple's having affairs.

If this lady really has all these secrets,some people in London must be shaking and terrified now.
But what is this latest craze of fights coming out in the public domain?Has social media made some of us lose our minds that we don't care about our private stuffs anymore?

The Jibike Basira Olaribigbe fight was the most popular in a long time and got the Nigerians living in the UK so engrossed.The fight was popular even as far as Nigeria and many other countries with Nigerian communities.
With the Abike and Jibike audio being one of the most listened to ever in a long time.These fights happen as a spur of the moment thing i would say,but once its out there,you can't take it back.We should be really careful not to fan these flames when we get into fights.
I remember saying the Jibike and Abike fight won't be the last one,but i never knew another one would be coming so soon.

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