Nigerians react after Aisha Buhari BBC Hausa service interview.

The Aisha Buhari on BBC interview has generated reactions from Nigerians.The 1st lady had criticized her husband President Buhari's government and warned that if things continued this way,she would not campaign or support him in the 2019 presidential election if he chooses to run.
The 1st lady also commented on many ministerial appointments of the APC and remarked that her husband does not know most of the appointees.She further remarked in the interviewed that was featured on the BBC Hausa service that most of the men were not fit for their posts.When asked who these men were,she refused to tell simply saying you know them and you see them on the television.
Below are some of what Nigerians are saying on twitter after the interview...Most of them are saying she should have advised the president privately rather than come on air and criticize him,others said as a wife she is supposed to stand by her man through thick and thin.

On the other side,some are saying she should be able to tell her husband if he was on the wrong path,even if it has to be in an interview...See more below...

Aisha Buhari Interview with bbc - video

Aisha Buhari Interview with bbc - video

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