Rigobert Song NOT dead as reports says Cameroonian legend dies at 40

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It was confusion and shock as the Rigobert Song dead news rocked the internet and news outlets.The ex Liverpool,West Ham United and Cameroonian defender had been struck by a stroke earlier in the week and flown to France as his conditioned was termed critical.
Initial reports after the Rigobert Song stroke were that he was recovering and breathing by himself
till the Rigobert Song dead news hit the headlines.
However,the Cameroonian legend is not dead.He is still very much alive.

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Image result for rigobert song dead
The latest news coming from reliable sources is that he actually waved his hands this morning at well wishers by his hospital bed.His high blood pressure is also said to have returned to normal.
His death report appears to have been started by a report on the website African News Today, which claimed Rigobert had passed away in France after suffering a stroke.
Keep saying a prayer for Song.I cannot understand the new craze of wishing these personalities death when they are still very much alive.
We had just dispelled a rumour of the death of Tv Evangelist,Joyce Meyer.It was reported that Joyce Meyer was dead when in fact the 73 year old was not even ill.
Social media is really becoming something.
Get well soon Rigobert.

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