The Cheryl Cole baby bump that set pregnancy rumours rolling!

people are wondering if tv personality Cheryl Cole is pregnant and expecting Liam's child after pictures of her baby bump appeared

Is  Cheryl Cole pregnant?This is the question the fans have been asking since the Cheryl Cole baby bump emerged.There has been many queries online since the story and the pictures emerged,searches such as Cheryl Cole pregnsnt,which must have come by an over eager speller(lol)as well as others have been rife for the Tv star musician and fashionista. 
The bump surfaced when Cheryl was spotted in London in a black top that showed a bump underneath.The star has been dating boy friend Liam  who is also a musician.Can she still be termed as one though?It's been a while we heard from her musically as she now seems to spend more time on
her media engagements.

If Cheryl is really pregnant,this will be her first child after some unlucky in love scenarios for the Geordie star.
Another point fans seem to enjoy talking about is the Cheryl Cole and Liam Page age difference,She is 33 while her pop star boyfriend is 23.That is 10 huge years,but what is an age gap where there is love?

Although the Cheryl Cole pregnsnt has not been confirmed by either her or boyfriend,the pictures and that bump really suggests the fact that she is pregnant.She is normally known for a very toned and fit body,a bump appearing out of nowhere suggests there is definitely something going on there.
So is the Cheryl baby bump real or is it just an illusion?Well,like my mother used to say,a pregnancy is a boil that can't be hidden forever,it shows eventually.

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