The Funniest Mourinho twitter reactions to Chelsea beating Man Utd 4-0

The Funniest Mourinho twitter reactions to Chelsea beating Man Utd 4-0

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These are some of the funniest twitter reactions to Chelsea beating Manchester United 4-0!.
Trust me,as a Manchester United fan,this is not easy for me to post,but hey,you win some and you lose some.We can't win all the time,but mark my words,we are gonna deal with Chelsea when they come to Old Trafford,you can bet your last dollar on that!

The defeat was further worsened for Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho when he whispered in the Chelsea manager Antonio Conte's ear that he had humiliated him by asking the Chelsea fans to cheer when they were 4 goals up!Wow! Jose must have been really hurting.
Another player who must be really hurting is Paul Pogba.He has been the butt of jealous rival fans jokes since his world record transfer to Manchester United and i must admit some of them are funny.
But if you know anything about football,you will know Paul Pogba is a class player and like they say,form is temporary while class is permanent!

But its ok,even with Sir Alex we lost some big games,5 nill to Newcastle,5nil to Chelsea and 5-3 to Southampton,we still won the league on all those occasions.That is why Manchester United are the biggest English club and one of the 3 biggest in the world!

So you haters,enjoy these funny twitter moments from the Chelsea Man United game.Cos it won't last long.....

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