The Priscilla Presley face cosmetic surgery that shocked Britain on TV

The Priscilla Presley face cosmetic surgery that shocked Britain on TV

So Priscilla Presley cosmetic surgery face on Lorraine today sent twitter into a melt down as viewers found it so hard to believe what the aging beauty looked like.Well why are we so surprised or shocked?Or why did the face of the ex wife of the rock and roll king leave us all shook up?This is what society does to our stars.The pressure on them to look great at all times no matter their age is shocking.Priscilla Presley 2016 should not be worrying about how perfect her face looks at 71 years of age,but the nasty critics won't let these celebrities live and age gracefully.

Priscilla who was on the Lorraine show to talk about her husband Elvis Presley's new album,has been
a fan of plastic surgery for a while.The Dallas beauty who wowed us on the show in the 80s got married to Elvis as a teenager.She met the King when she was 14 and he tried to make her his perfect woman.Heavy make up was the order of the day for Priscilla since then and looks like she has been a prisoner of her own fame and looks ever since.

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She tries to hold on to the look that Elvis Presley's fans and the world remember when the king was alive.But cosmetic surgery or not,no one stays young forever.
She looked good from afar,but when you look closer,you find and see that her mouth has been disfigured by the surgery.It's that common fish mouth syndrome that we have seen many times from celebrity plastic surgery.

But that being said,she has managed to keep a fantastic figure and girls half her age will still kill for that body.
Priscilla Presley on Lorraine today as you will see from the video below may have shown us that her face has taken a battering from plastic surgery but for a woman of 71 years old,she still manages to look amazing and Elvis were alive today,he would be singing the wonder of you to her.

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