These famous celebrities without a degree will shock you!

These famous celebrities without a degree will shock you!

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A college degree is thought to be the passport that sets you off to a life or riches and comfort.But do you know many of our famous faces are celebrities without a degree?Most people who are harbouring the ambition of riches and fame in show biz,are often told and warned to have something to fall back on,a degree.It is a wise advice ,but some people are just lucky i guess,because not only did they not obtain that degree,but they then went on to attain a life of fame and fortune.Life can be so unfair can't it?

Most family would not hear of it if you tell them you don't plan to go to college,University or get a degree.Especially African parents,That conversation does not happen.Except you want to sign your death warrant,lol.

So lets take a look at some of our famous celebs who never heeded to that advice and bother to get a

The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard and i can just imagine his parents having a fit.What are you doing son?You are throwing your life away! Well,Mark Zuckerberg net worth is now a cool $59b! Ouch!

Some of the greatest singers ever did not get one either.Notable ones who fell into this field are Madonna,Lady Gaga,Marvin Gaye,Diana Ross,Michael Jackson,Stevie Wonder,Ray Charles,Adele and James Brown.

The Co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation,Paul Allen net worth is $15 billion.But did you know that he not only dropped out of Washington State University in his sophomore year.  he was the one who convinced Bill Gates to drop out of Harvard! This guy must have a thing against degrees.But guess what?It worked for him.

Michael Dell,the founder of Dell Inc.,which also is Dell computers is a billionaire.Michael Dell net worth is $20b! A University of Texas at Austin drop out, he has made Dell computers a household name.

Sheldon Adelson is a famous casino owner who is worth billions of dollars.But he never got a college degree.He dropped out of City College of New York. The co-founder of Adelson Foundation, he is known as one of the richest men in the United States.

Dave Thomas is the Wendy's guy who gave McDonalds a run for their money. Dave Thomas you guessed it also never went to college.
Image result for celebrities without a degree

Image result for celebrities without a degree

Image result for celebrities without a degree

Harrison Ford is one of the most famous movie stars to ever live.Not only is he good looking and rich,but hearing Harrison speak,you can tell he is a highly intelligent guy.But did you know that before he found fame ,he was a carpenter?Yep he was.

Tom Hanks who found world fame in the film Forest Gump has played many roles.He never got a college degree either.

James Cameron was the man who created the Titanic and Avatar creator films.He never graduated from college. Its hard to believe that a man who could put all that together never actually graduated from college.

Woody Allen.He always looked the very studious one in his movies.He was the Mr intellectual. He never finished college,talk less of getting a degree,but Allen has FOUR Academy Awards. I guess he got his degrees at the end.

Nicole Kidman – Another Academy Award winner, Nicole Kidman the beauty from down under Australia and ex wife of Tom Cruise, has entertained us for years with so many parts potrayed. She never finished college either.

The following are athletes,and maybe their cases won't be too much of a surprise,cos most sports men start very young and might not have the time to go to college as they were busy making their names,but we will still take a look at some famous names who found fame and fortune without that elusive educational degree.Tiger Woods arguably the most famous golfer ever, dropped out of Stanford. Tiger Woods net worth is $700m! Lord have mercy!

Most of the NBA players graduated college,but not Lebron James. James never graduated college. But that does not reflect on his bank account at all.LeBron James net worth is $230m! I'm sure his parents have forgiven him now for not getting that degree.
More sports stars who never finished college or get a degree are the likes of Josh Hamilton,the five-time MLB All-Star,Kevin Garnett who had a successful run with the Minnesota Timberwolves with whom he scored his MVP.
Image result for celebrities without a degree

Image result for celebrities without a degree

Image result for celebrities without a degree

Image result for celebrities without a degree

But perhaps the most surprising in this field are our famous authors.You see a book and you just assume the person who wrote this must have a vast education and qualifications.Well the next bunch are gonna shock you!

Check out some of these authors without college degrees.

Did you know that F. Scott Fitzgerald the Author of “The Great Gatsby” and one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century, was a Princeton dropout?

Ray Bradbury who wrote “Fahrenheit 451” and who is one of the most celebrated American writers of the 20th century didn’t have a college degree either.

Charles Dickens didn't obtain an English degree– But, English language literature is incomplete without his works.

William Faulkner despite his vast arsenal of big words didn't go to college.– Yet he undoubtedly is one of the most influential writers ever in American literature.

Mark Twain – The author of one of my most favourite books ever,i mean who did not read the “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”,as a child?Those two books are arguably some of the best American literature in history.Mark Twain did not get a college education or a degree,amazing isn't it?

So you see,although in most cases it is still best advisable to get a degree,if life throws challenges at you and for some reasons beyond your control you can't get or pursue one,don't panic.It is not the only road to success,if you have the talent or are prepared to work hard and persevere to get to the top.
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