What is Hurricane Matthew?As Hurricane Matthew 2016 devastates

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The terrible Hurricane Matthew in Florida has sent shock waves around the world with its devastating effects.But not everyone knows exactly what hurricane Matthew meant,hence the many queries about what hurricane Matthew is.So before we go into the latest devastating storm,we will try explaining what is hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew is a strong tropical cyclone over the Atlantic Ocean. It was the first Category 5 Atlantic hurricane since Hurricane Felix in 2007. The fourteenth tropical cyclone, thirteenth storm, fifth hurricane and second major hurricane of the annual hurricane season, Matthew formed from a vigorous tropical wave that moved off the African coast on September 22, progressing on a westward track until it developed into a tropical storm while
it was situated just to the east of the Leeward Islands on September 28. A day later, it became a hurricane while west of the Leeward Islands, and rapidly strengthened into a Category 5 hurricane. It impacted HaitiJamaicaCubaDominican Republic, and The Bahamas. It is expected to significantly impact the southeastern United States, especially the U.S. state of Florida, as well as GeorgiaSouth Carolina, and North Carolina.

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Now moving on to the latest hurricane Matthew and its happenings.

Hurricane Matthew 2016 is battering the coast of Florida, where it has left more than 800,000 people without power.
The system, which has not yet made landfall in the US, has been downgraded to a Category Three, with winds of up to 120 mph (195 km/h).
Florida's governor said the hurricane, which would be the first to make US landfall since 2005, still had time to make a direct hit.
In Haiti, Matthew left a death toll of more than 840 in its wake.
Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina have all declared states of emergencies.
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On Friday morning, President Barack Obama addressed fears that the storm's winds could fuel a wave of seawater that might wash over coastal communities along a 500-mile stretch from South Florida to Charleston, South Carolina.
"The big concern at this point is storm surge," Mr Obama told reporters from the White House.
"Many of you will remember (2012 storm) Hurricane Sandy, where initially people thought this doesn't look as bad as we thought, and then suddenly you get a massive storm surge and a lot of people are severely affected.
"I just wanted to emphasise to everybody that this is still a really dangerous storm."
Forecasters have said Matthew could dump up to 15in of rain and cause a storm surge of 9ft or more.
Some two million people have been advised to evacuate across coastal areas of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.
Most people here seem to have taken the warnings seriously. Windows and doors have been boarded up as prime beach front property is abandoned in favour of safer ground.
No one is out on the streets and a curfew remains in place until tomorrow morning. The real fear here is of a storm surge and coastal flooding.
Matthew is also proving to be unpredictable and the storm is taking its time to move up the coast.

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