Why Michel Le after Dr Dre and Suge Knight is the new Tina Turner.

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A new star is reborn and her name is Michel le Marcel.There is so much similarities between Michel Le and another survivor Tina Turner.Both women were behind strong men and played a part in their success.Michele Le with Dr Dre and Tina Turner with the now infamous and late Ike Turner.
Both women loved the wrong men and payed dearly for it with their body and soul.But it all ended happily as they managed to find a way out of their misfortune to turn it into their fortune.They also both had huge biographical movies to document their lives and the abusive relationship that almost destroyed them in the now famous films buried in the hearts of many,What's love got to do with it and Surviving Compton.

Also it must be noted that these women were not just survivors,they are both very talented
and ultimately that is what sustained Tina and what is giving Michel Le a new rebirth.

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Michel Le Marcel story and brand is increasing.She is expanding her relationship with Thinkfactory Media. The platinum recording artist has signed an overall deal that includes future television and film projects and her music, as well as an upcoming autobiography.
The recently aired Thinkfactory biopic for Lifetime, Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le, was a ratings blockbuster for the network with an average of 2.3 million total viewers, making it cable’s No. 1 entertainment telecast of the night among total viewers (excluding sports). Additionally, it was the No. 1 most social movie of the weekend with a total of 573,000 interactions.
As a follow-up, Thinkfactory is currently in talks with multiple networks about a docuseries which features Michel’le and her family. The unscripted series will give viewers a front row seat to her life as she battles to overcome her past, and move into the next chapter of her life and career. She also is slated to release a new album featuring songs written by Stacy Barthe (Katy Perry, Rhianna) and Midian Mathers (BeyoncĂ©) in January, and is also currently penning her autobiography.
Thinkfactory Media has a longstanding relationship with Michel’le, having previously collaborated on TV One’s hit series, R&B Divas LA.
“Michel’le is one of the strongest and most courageous women I’ve had the privilege to work with,” said Leslie Greif, founder and CEO of Thinkfactory Media. “Storytelling is the core of Thinkfactory, and having Michel’le open up to us with such raw emotion and having so much trust in us is the foundation for a meaningful partnership. Thinkfactory Media is thrilled to build a business with Michel’le and be a part of her inspiring journey.”

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