American trends with how to impeach Trump and Not my President

American trends with how to impeach Trump and Not my President

Republican National Convention: Day Four

Has there ever been a more unpopular American President?As slogans of Not my resident and how to impeach Trump gains ground,you really begin to wonder who it was who really voted for Donald Trump.
The president elect has not even spent a day in office and already questions are being asked on how to remove Trump?It is laughable really,but it really shows the mood of the country.
This is what happens when people don't get off their butts to vote and just assume the impossible won't happen.

"What will happen to America" and "how did this happen" are other questions that has become so familiar over the last 24 hours.What will happen to America in particular sounds like a disaster had
just happened and a way is being sought to fix what is left of the mess.Well,that is exactly how certain people are seeing this election result.As per how did this happen?Well,like i said earlier,i think a lot of people who could have voted probably didn't thinking Hilary had too much support not to win.But like that famous saying goes,you have to be in it to win it,if you don't get out there and vote,your vote will not matter,neither will your opinion and thoughts.

So back to that question,can Donald Trump be impeached and who becomes the president if the president is impeached?

Two former American presidents have been impeached in the past by the US house of assembly.
They were Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton who happens to be the husband of one of the candidates of the just gone election,Hilary Clinton. But both were later acquitted by the Senate and managed to retain office.The most famous impeachement would probably have been Richard Nixon,but he resigned as the House prepared to issue its articles of impeachment.

A University of Utah law Professor Christopher Lewis Peterson said Congress could impeach Trump for fraud and racketeering under the standards set by Article II of the Constitution regarding high crimes and misdemeanors.
“Unlike his promised crimes yet to come, the illegal acts in Trump’s high pressure wealth seminars have already occurred. Indeed, a federal judge appointed under Article III of the U.S. Constitution has already determined that Trump’s alleged actions, if true, constitute fraud and racketeering,” Peterson wrote in a 22-page article published by the S.J. Quinney College of Law in September.

The president however remains in office even if they are impeached. Only when they have been convicted by the senate will they be removed.If this happens, the next eligible person in the line of succession will become president this person will normally be the vice president.
Trump is being sued in federal civil courts over the Trump University real estate seminars. Peterson notes the language of the Constitution is not limited to crime committed while in office, though political science Professor Eric Schickler of the University of California, Berkeley, told the New York Post that’s the conventional understanding.
“The fact that Trump has attempted to publicly misrepresent the facts and circumstances surrounding his alleged fraud and racketeering should weigh in the calculus over whether impeachment for preincumbency crimes is appropriate,” Peterson said. “Just as Trump appears to have lied about his role in Trump University to students, he has throughout the election continued to misrepresent the cases that focus on his misrepresentations.”

So i hope this answers all your questions,i doubt if any of these will happen though.I thin k we should all brace ourselves for an entertaining 4 years of Trump presidency,but then again ,never say never.If their is one thing about the billionaire business man i have learnt,it is always expect the unexpected.
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