Apostle Johnson Suleiman supposedly heals paralysed man who couldn't walk

So Apostle Johnson Suleiman is supposed to have healed a paralysed man who couldn't walk?Who actually believes these charlatans?I think they should actually be arrested and jailed.If a man brings together a bunch of people and displays fake powers to keep them in awe of him thereby patronising him while he makes money from them,what is that?Isn't that another form of 419?Is that defrauding people?

According to the post shared on Facebook, founder of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, who is hosting a crusade in London, supposedly healed a man who
couldn't walk.
 "Raw Power London. Miracle number 1 now recorded.. Jehovah the Doctor heals a man of inability to work without an aide. He started to walk instantly. give JESUS a big hand clap! Miracles are real" the post read. Who believes this?  More photos after the cut.

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