ASUU Strike Update 2016 news.

ASUU Strike Update 2016 news.

The latest news update on ASUU strike is not looking promising.Though many student organizations all across the country as well as well wishers have urged the government to do all it can to avert the strike as this would be catastrophic with the current situation of the country.Some quarters feel that the recession state of the country might lead some students into criminal activities with too much time on their hands.

But that aside,how long must Nigeria authorities keep on denying university lecturers their basic rights?How many times must we see a University strike in Nigeria?How many times must we see a batch of students spend 5 years to do a course that was supposed to take them 3 years?It is pretty
embarrassing and it shows the importance our government places on education.

The current warning strike embarked upon by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is not the first and you and i know it will not be the last in the country.We have sadly gotten sued to these atrike and it has become almost a normal part of University education in Nigeria.

Part of the issues in contention for this strike this time around is the demand that universities be exempted from the Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy.

ASUU is also demanding Federal Government implementation of an agreement it entered into with ASUU in 2009.

Meanwhile the poor Nigerian students have been resorted to asking each other has ASUU strike been called off yet?Sadly it hasn't and according to Dr. Ifeanyi Abada, the Chairman of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka Chapter of the Academic staff Union of Universities, the strike is imminent and all activities in our Universities will be paralysed until their demands are met.Sad indeed.
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