Authorities reveal why they have closed Brad Pitt Child abuse investigation.

Some happy news at last from Hollywood heart throb as the  Brad Pitt Pitt child abuse investigation has finally been put to rest.

Pitt was cleared of abuse allegations by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, (DCFS) on Wednesday, paving the way for him to carry on with his battle for the custody of his children with actress Angelina Jolie.Still can't believe it has come to this for
the two superstars.Brad and Angelina seemed like the perfect couple,but i guess life ain't perfect in Hollywood or showbiz,no matter how they try to paint it to be.

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The investigating Authorities say they would close the investigation involving an incident in September between the actor and his son Maddox on a private jet. Adding that after thorough investigations and interviews by social workers, they have concluded Brad did not commit any form of child abuse during the argument that ended with physical contact.

Ex wife Angelina is asking for sole physical custody of their 6 children as part of their divorce but Mr Pitt wants joint custody.Why do couple's always have to use the kids as pawns when things go wrong?Surely these two are mature enough to quietly come together and resolve this.Shaking my head....

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