Bishop Oyedepo messages critics of Covenant Uni with Wrath of God!

Bishop Oyedepo messages critics of Covenant Uni with Wrath of God!

Bishop Oyedepo has threatened anyone who criticizes the fees charged by his Covenant University with the wrath of God!The audacity of  Oyedepo messages to his followers and congregation just shows how daft religion is.This is the same Bishop Oyedepo slap exponent,we will come to that later.I try not to be bothered with all these fake pastors and prophets but it's hard not to.The latest message by Oyedepo really left me speechless.He said anyone who criticizes the exorbitant prices he charges at his University,The Covenant University will be struck by the wrath of God! I mean what kind of ridiculous thing is that to say?And there will be many supporting this,coming out with the usual crap of touch not my anointed.

It still baffles me why a church or a pastor will decide to start a University that is supposed to cater for members of that church and fellow christians but make the fees so high that the ordinary woman
who comes to the church 5 days a week cannot send her child.

Instead it is the rich who can.Is this what their Christian faith is all about?Didn't the bible say it would be harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom that it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle?
Not that i believe that anyway.The Christian hypocrisy just makes me laugh,and Bishop Oyedepo's is one of the worst.Remember this was the same pastor who slapped a girl in church because he was casting the devil out of her.
Some times you just cannot believe the things these fake African pastors and prophets get away with.

Speaking further on the Covenant University fees,Oyedepo said a man who criticized the fees was struck with a serious bout of strange chronic mouth odour and it was his and God's intervention that cured the man!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†Can you believe these people?Incredible!

Hear him further-“The school fees has God's approval and is in accordance with the quality of facilities provided by the university in meeting the educational needs of the nation,” he said.

Just in case you have been in Mars or Jupiter and missed this video,here is the video where Bishop Oyedepo slaps girl in church.

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