Bobrisky shows test result to kill HIV Positive Rumours

Bobrisky Nigeria's Barbie doll has move to dispell rumours that he is HIV positive.The rumours that emerged online went as far as saying he had been taking antiretroviral drugs for long.People should really be careful what kind of stories they carry and wish on others.Bobrisky may be a celebrity.He may also love being in the spotlight,but when you start carrying false HIV positive stories about someone,that is taking thins too far.These people are human and they have family and friends who care about them.

But all in all,i am glad they were just hurtful and untrue rumours.No normal person wishes another human being evil.See the test results he posted after the cut...

He said;

"Haters can't bring me down. The strengths u are all using to discuss about Bobrisky everyday if only each and everyone of u can spend that time on ur selves I swear ur life will be in a better place. These person u are all gossiping about is richer than most of u cows. So y can't u allow me rest and keep ur opinion to ur selves . Anyways am uploading dis HIV result to many of Bobrisky lovers not to follow any articles written about me on diffrent blogs. Kisses😘😘😘😘😘"

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