Donald Trump son Barron becomes star at President Victory speech

Donald Trump's son Barron stole the show at his father's victory acceptance speech.The 10 year old could barely stay awake during the acceptance speech ceremony and quickly started trending on twitter with people calling him a robot badly in need of sleep.
They also commented on how tired he looked and that he was in serious need of sleep.Some thought he looked bored.Bored,yes i agree,in need of sleep i also agree.What 10 year old is awake at that time of the day?It was 3 am for Pete's sake.The poor boy is usually in dreamland at that time.

But hey,dad is President now and you all gotto start making sacrifices,sons and grand children
included๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€.The Trump family are just about to find out their lives will never be the same again.I'm just curious to see how many times a week the family will have to apologize for something their father has said,done wrong or who he has offended.There are gonna be plenty of those,you can bet your last dollar.

The whole world is still in shock following the result of the American election.I don't think Trump himself saw it coming,and poor old Barron probably didn't see it too.But i am sure he will quickly get used to the idea of being the president's son.

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