Fans tell Katie Hopkins move to America after Trump win promise

Fans tell Katie Hopkins move to America after Trump win promise

Katie Kopkins and Trump

Hahahah,the Donald Trump victory gets far and wide as Katie Hopkins has been urged to move to America like she promised to do if Trump won the American presidency.

Katie who took part in series 3 of the apprentice in 2006 has a penchant for elections and making unfulfilled promises.
Remember Sadiq Khan Mayoral election?She promised to run down Regent street naked if he won,well he did and we are yet to hear of any report of Katie running around with a sussage stuck somehwere on her anatomy as she said she would do.

So if anyone is hoping or thinking she will leave Britain and move to America like she promised following a Donald Trump Victory,you might be waiting long for the chickens that never come home to roost.
Many had gone on twitter saying the only good thing about the American President elect win
is the fact that Katie Hopkins move to America will happen,lol.
One person Tweeted: "Katie Hopkins migration day Mubarak to everyone & their families. May this breed of reptiles be banished from the UK forever."
Another wrote: "There is a positive to the situation, at least KTHopkins is going to f*** off."
But she seems unruffled by all the jibes and calls for her to leave Britain when she basked in her self glory by posting on twitter reminding CNN of her appearance on their show 2 weeks ago with the following message-: "Listen CNN let me know when you would like me back on to thank me for my wisdom."

So for those of you who are still in the dark and wondering who is Katie Hopkins?Here is a bit of info for you on the controversial star.
She shot to fame on the apprentice series of BBC in 2009.She has since gone on to carve out a niche of being one of the most hated and loathed celebrities in Britain.She often opens her mouth before she thinks.
Waving bye bye to Britain and saying hello America?
Some of her most infamous utterances go from saying she wouldn't allow her daughter to be friends with children with names like Chardonnay,to her infamous quote on motherhood saying-"Nothing makes my buttocks clench tighter and my teeth itch more than 'Full Time Mummy'. Full time mummy is not a job title. It is a biological status.

And who can forget her saying I don't really like fat people or I wouldn't like to meet a ginger in the dark?This woman just doesn't stop and frankly when i look at her and hear her speak,i don't think she is all there.So maybe now you can understand why everyone is praying that the 41 year old English television personality and newspaper columnist moves to America.

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