Fidel Castro death meme trends and some important facts

Fidel Castro death meme trends and some important facts

One of the greatest and most charismatic revolutionaries passed on yesterday.In honor of his memory,the internet has been awash with Fidel Castro death memes.The Cuban leader passed away at 90,but at times it seemed like he would live for ever.There are so many stories told about him.Some mythical,while some are true.The CIA are said to have made hundreds of attempts on his life while the total assassination attempts are said to be over 600! Gosh,how many lives does one man have?What happened to the 9 lives legacy?

He was a complex man who fought for his people and stood against his dreaded enemy the USA.He was married twice but was not married at the time of his death.His love for women was legendary
and he had many mistresses.He also had many children to show for this,as one would expect.😉

On a lighter note to set a tone for his death meme,here are some Fidel Castro facts to get you ready.

In the last 4 years of his life,he was only seen in public five times.Twice in 2012,twice in 2013 and once in January 2014.Although he stayed active by writing hundreds of columns for the official media.

He holds the record for the longest speech ever given at the United Nations.On September 26 1960,his speech lasted for 4 hours 29 mins!
But hold your horses,that was not his longest speech,his longest speech lasted 7 hours and 30 minutes on Feb 24th 1998,after he was re elected for a 5 year term as president.Gosh,the man is a beast!

One of the most common facts of his was that he survived 634 attempted assassinations.Some of these were to be carried out by security personnel,mistresses, and plots to poison his cigar,poisoned pills and to make him lose all his hair to undermine his among his people.Well,baldness never hurt Yul Brynner did it?

He survived 9 American presidents while in office,NINE.That is incredible!
His love for cigars was known all over the world but he gave them up in 1985.It is not known whether this was as a result of advice from his doctors.Whatever the reason,it didn't harm him.He lived to be 90 years old.


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