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Hausa actress Ummi Ibrahim Zee says she is engaged to Babangida.

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An Hausa actress Ummi Ibrahim Zee zee is claiming to be Ibrahim Babangida's fiancee and plan to marry.The revelation has set the social media on fire with Nigerians wondering if the actress is really engaged to 75 year old ex Nigerian head of state Babangida.
This is not the first time Ummi has been on this topic.Way back as 2013,she revealed in an interview that she and IBB were in love.She also revealed on social media that the ex leader was planning to marry her.Now she is here again
So it's either Ummi and Babangida are really engaged to be married or the young lady has a serious case of a mental disorder...Maybe if i hear her on BBCHausa service,i might take her serious.Time will tell.
Meanwhile ,see some messages she shared on social media below...

Image result for ummi ibrahim and babangida

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