How National enquirer shielded trump from playboy model Karen's affair allegation

How National enquirer shielded trump from playboy model Karen's affair allegation

The Karen McDougal Donald Trump affair is the latest in line of non related issues that keep popping up for the American presidential election candidate.Now it has emerged that the National enquirer of all mediums covered up for Trump in his illicit affair with the playboy model.Enquirer are reported to have paid her $150,000 for her story,but there were two catches.The deal was reportedly sealed in August,so if the story was gonna come out you would have thought there was enough time since August,so someone is definitely on Trump's side.

Now back to the catches,the first is there was no story published.Can you imagine National enquirer paying that much and not running the story?Makes you wonder who actually footed that bill and what
the connection is with Trump.
The second catch is that Karen was not allowed to retell or sell her story to anyone,if she does,she would have to pay back the money.

The presidential candidate was married at the time of the said affair.He had married his third wife,Melania in 2005.The affair with Karen was in 2006 and lasted 10 months.So Trump was effectively managing a new wife and a young beautiful playboy model at the same time?Strong man he certainly must be.

American Media Inc. who owns the Enquirer  said in a statement the $150,000 was payment for exclusive life rights to any story related to a relationship McDougal may have had with a married man - and for fitness columns written by her.But did not actually name the man.But they did say-'AMI has not paid people to kill damaging stories about Mr Trump,' the company said in the statement.

The 1998 playmate of the year,who some people mistake as Karen Mcdonald, went on to become a successful fitness model, and was the first woman to appear on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine.

The Karen McDougal Trump affair is not the first that will come up to embarrass the billionaire.Can we even sue the world embarrass when it comes to Trump?Does the man actually give a damn?I still can't imagine Donald Trump becoming the president of America.Everyday there will be a different can of worms opened.It will be a farce.And it is nothing short of amazing that the man has come this far and even has a proper chance of sitting in the White House.
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