Jacob Zuma not afraid of Prison Amid corruption and resignation news.

Jacob Zuma not afraid of Prison Amid corruption and resignation news.

So in Jacob Zuma latest news,we hear that the South African president says he is not afraid of going to jail,cos having been to jail during the apartheid regime,it no longer holds any fear for him.Really?Zuma revealed this while speaking to thousands of supporters at the African National Congress's victory rally in Edumbe Saturday.This had to do with his pending corruption case and several court appearances.
Remember only recently,news of Jacob Zuma resignation spread like wild fire.Well,those rumours might start all over again.Right now most of South Africans pray for Zuma resigning as President.

But Zuma is talking a good fight and he told supporters on Saturday-'People think
democracy is done at courts. They never mention the will of the majority‚ they always talk about courts. They never even speak to us about democratic debates because they know we are good at debates. They think by going to courts they are intimidating the ANC. We are not going to be intimidated‚ even if it means I get arrested today‚ I am used to it. I have spent a lot of time in jail‚ you cannot threaten me with jail time .I am not scared of jail I have been there.'

What Zuma seems to be forgetting is,when you go to prison fighting for a just cause with the support of the people behind you,it is far different from going to prison for robbing your country and abusing your position.That situation leaves you in shame,loneliness and rejection from friends,family and society.
Surely he didn't feel this way during his  apartheid incarceration did he?

And why would he say he is not scared of jail anyway?Surely if you are innocent you should be.I guess what he is saying is he has no regrets for what he did and if he has to go to jail he would.I hoe he does,all these African leaders are nothing but thieves who think the country's wealth is theirs to spend and loot.

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