Janet Reno ex attorney general and star of Saturday Night live dies at 78

Janet Reno ex attorney general and star of Saturday Night live dies at 78

Janet Reno who served for 8 years under President Bill Clinton administration as the US attorney general has died at the age of 78.She died form complications of parkinson disease.
She became a cool character with her fame on the renowned Janet Reno dance party skit on Saturday night live.The skit featured Will Ferrell, dressed in a Reno standard royal blue dress and pearls. The former attorney general embraced the parody and joined the cast to share in the fun.

Reno had so many tough situations to deal with during her stint,one of the most difficult periods was the 1996 Olympic park bombing in Atlanta.

She was also unpopular when she authorized the armed seizure of a 6 year old girl Gonzalez.Pictures were seen of an armed soldier pointing a gun at Cuban Gonzalez and
her mother,this did not go down well.

She offered to resign as the US attorney general just 38 days into the job when an assault on the Branch Davidian sect left 80 people dead! She felt responsible since she helped oversee the raid,but Bill Clinton rejected her resignation.

After winning confirmation as attorney general, she called the moment an "extraordinary experience, and I hope I do the women of America proud.''
In 1995 she announced that she had parkinson's disease but was determined to carry on as normal and said the disease will not hinder her job or her performance.

In 2002,she lost her bid to become the governor of Florida on the Democratic ticket,she didn't get past the primary stages.

Janet Reno on SNL is still remembered by a lot,but she will rather be remembered for her ground breaking appointment as the first female US attorney of the US.

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