Kanye West mental health,mother's death,Psychosis and sleep deprivation

Kanye West mental health,mother's death,Psychosis and sleep deprivation

Why is Kanye West in hospital is the question a lot of fans are asking baffled.It is thought that Kanye West mother death could be one of the main reasons for his recent mental breakdown which saw him handcuffed to a stretcher and hospitalized.
The world woke up to the news that the rapper,producer and fashion label owner had been taken to hospital after an emergency call that came from his LA house.
The doctor who diagnosed him said he was suffering from psychiatric emergency caused by sleep deprivation and mental exhaustion.
The label owner was said to have had so much on his plate,the Saint Pablo tour which he cancelled only a day before he was hospitalised,as well as running his label are some of the pressure he was said to have been juggling.

Everyone knows Kanye has been doing some pretty strange things lately,i mean he was always a strange one,but he took it up another notch.His constant ranting on stage,calling out close friends like Jay Z and Beyonce on stage,i mean he went as far as calling Jay Z a killer at the weekend.

On his last performance on the Saint Pablo tour,he did 4 songs,repeating one 2ce,ranted for about 40 minutes then walked off stage and did not return.

Those were alarm bells ringing loud and clear.
But why is he really in hospital?Well,the one answer that has been coming up a lot among people who knows him and those who are looking in from afar,is his mother,Donda.He was very close to his mother and the thought is he has never really recovered from her death which occurred after a plastic surgery procedure went wrong.

Before her death,he was a pretty down to earth funny guy,who talked a lot but was more amusing than controversial.
He has always blamed himself for her death often saying if he hadn't moved to LA ,she would still be alive.I don't understand that,i cannot see why he is blaming himself,the surgeon was at fault even though he has always denied this.But deep down he believes he is responsible for the death of his mother who was also his manager.

Interestingly,she died on November 7,and here is is having problems in the month of November.Spooky isn't it?

Kanye West was sectioned due to temporary psychosis.Now this condition is said to be a temporary loss of reality.It also has strong links with bipolar disorder or psychotic depression.In some cases it runs in the family.We have no reason to believe that the rapper has this in his genes or family.We keep our fingers crossed and hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.
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