New Zealand Tsunami eathquake November 2016 latest reveal 2 dead and Kaikoura danger

Watching the New Zealand Tsunami video led my little daughter to ask,What has happened in New Zealand dad?We saw the Kaikoura New Zealand Tsunami earthquake attacking and its not a pretty sight.
The powerful earthquake has since struck the country's South Island, with the country's prime minister sadly confirming the death of two people.
St John Ambulance said it was sending helicopters to the epicentre of the quake - 57
miles (91km) north of the South Island city of Christchurch.
Collapsed home in Kaikoura.

Firemen gather at the corner of Wakefield and Victoria Streets

Already Thousands of people on the country's east coast are said to have fled after a warning to move to higher ground.
The New Zealand earthquake, which measured 7.5 in magnitude, led to waves up to two metres high, including in the Kaikoura area.
Latest on New Zealand earthquake said it hit just after midnight local time. The initial tremor was followed by aftershocks, including several above magnitude 6.
Sad scenes can be seen in the New Zealand Tsunami video.Destruction of property and chaos as usually is the case can be seen in the video.
The tsunami has been described by authorities as "an event of life-threatening or national significance".
A national emergency has not been declared yet as authorities say the regions are coping well for now.
A military helicopter has also been dispatched to Kaikoura.

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