Ola Jordans husband:tells how she stole James from girlfriend

Ola and James Jordan are in the spotlight for obvious reasons at the moment.But did you know that the i'm a celebrity contestant stole her husband from another woman?She revealed he was actually dating somebody and had a girlfriend when she met him,but she didn't care.
The couple have been married for 13 years and met for the first time when she was a 17 year old  teenager at a dance event.She fancied him but thought he was way out of her league.
James' girlfriend at that time inadvertently placed the couple together when she called Ola who had
returned to Poland to come to England to be the dance partner of her later to be hubby.

After 2 years of constant training and dancing together,the two got closer and became an item.
The dancer has been setting pulse racing on the current i'm a celebrity with co pin up Lisa Snowdon.Her jungle shower in particular with Lisa had been one of the moments that lit up the screen.

In the jungle of i'm a celebrity.
I guess her hubby better watch out that she does not get too close to any of the men on the show.Karma might just be round the corner.

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