The X factor stage invasion of Honey G by Trollstation's Daniel Jarvis

The X factor stage invasion of Honey G by Trollstation's Daniel Jarvis

This X factor had an unusual talking point tonight after the Honey G stage attack.And the frightening thing is that what happened to the rapper could well have been worse.Imagine if this was someone who planned to harm her?Where was the security?
But thankfully it seems it was all a harmless fun as jokers Trollstation and their leader Daniel Jarvis have come forward to accept responsibility for the prank.They have posted a series of tweet to talk about how they put it all together.

But personally i don't like this,cos what it does is give other fools out there the ammunition to go do
the same thing and get there own 15 minutes of fame.And this time it could be someone willing to go a step further.What happened to ex Beatle John Lennon comes to mind.There are loads of sickos out there.

What happened to Honey G tonight should be guarded against and not allowed to happen tonight.Anybody getting easy access to come and grab an act while performing should be seriously guarded against.You would have thought with all the money they make on the show they would have adequate security.

But there is some other angle being talked about among fans.They reckon they saw people who worked on the show pushing the pranksters onto the stage to go grab the rapper while she was performing.Some videos are even circulating to prove this point.Personally i don't believe this,but i am sure over the next few days,we will have a clearer picture.

The police were called by the production staff after 4 men plus another one who was in support,had all got together to sabotage the rapper's performance as a figure wearing a grey suit grabbed her shoulders and the hand with which she was holding the microphone.The police later ejected the invaders from the studio.

All the times this was happening,the judges looked on as if they were in a trance.That in itself was funny.
Sharon Osbourne did not get off so lightly though.People had a go at her for laughing at the whole thing.What was the poor lady supposed to do?She was probably bemused by the whole thing and all she could do was laugh.
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