Victor Anichebe salary question after Dj Cuppy boyfriend buys her G Wagon

So Dj Cuppy got a surprise G Wagon car gift from boyfriend Victor Anichebe and people immediately started wondering how much does Bae earn to be able to buy his girlfriend such an expensive car.Well,if you knew the ridiculous sums of money these footballers take home weekly,you wouldn't be questioning Victor Anichebe salary.But i guess it's just curious human nature.

It makes you wonder though that if you buy a girlfriend such an expensive car,what does she get
when she becomes a wife or a baby mother then?Hmmm

As we all know DJ Cuppy is the daughter of billionaire Femi Otedola,i guess her boyfriend thought he really had to go to town to impress her.And judging from the way she reacted on social media as carried by blogs such as the Linda Ikeji Blog,she was really impressed.Who says money can't buy me love?

Now a days,it's a case of what have you done for me lately or ain't nothing going on but the rent!
The Victor Anichebe Dj Cuppy love story better lead to marriage,else.....

So for those who want's to know about the salary..here you go..
YearVictor Anichebe Basic salaryVictor Anichebe Yearly salary
2016 Income$1,137,500$1,213,333
2016 (without Bonus)$1,137,500$1,137,500

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