What does Donald Trump on Immigration mean to Africa,Muslims,Mexicans and rest of the world?

What does Donald Trump on Immigration mean to Africa,Muslims,Mexicans and rest of the world?

So what does the election of Donald Trump as president mean to immigation in America.We all heard the threats of Trump during his campaign.He is the man who seemed to like no one.He promised to build a big wall to keep foreigners out.You could even hear fans chanting,build that wall,build that wall,after his victory over Hilary Clinton.

His supporters have said he is not talking about blocking everybody out,they said he is talking about allowing those who can contribute to America into the country.Scientist,great business minds etcetera.

It has been suggested though that the change he will bring on immigration,will be swift and sweeping. While Mr. Obama had been moving to create openings for undocumented immigrants to attain legal status and increase the number of refugees, Mr. Trump said he would sharply curtail the refugee flow and start a nationwide crackdown on illegal immigration. He will bring a nativist vision to the White House, regarding immigrants
warily as competitors for American workers and treating refugees as potential terrorists.President-elect Trump has promised to start construction right away on a wall across the Southwest border that was the signature proposal and rallying cry of his campaign. That will take money from Congress, but other efforts need only a stroke of the presidential pen.

He said he would quickly cancel a program Mr. Obama put in place by executive action that gave protection from deportation and work permits to about 800,000 undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children. They will lose jobs and scholarships that allowed many to attend college and start careers, and they will become vulnerable to deportation. Mr. Trump would also permanently cancel a broader protection program for undocumented immigrants that Mr. Obama tried to carry out that was blocked by the courts.Mr. Trump has said he will initiate a campaign to deport, within the first year of his presidency, what he described as up to two million undocumented immigrants with criminal records, although he has not explained how he reached that estimate. Enforcement operations would ramp up, with widespread raids in communities and workplaces.Mr. Trump is also likely to expand detention centers along the border for illegal crossers, ending the Obama administration’s practice of releasing many families who have come fleeing violence in Central America so they can seek asylum in immigration courts. 

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Mr. Trump has said he will punish so-called sanctuary cities, which have curbed their cooperation with the immigration authorities, by withholding federal funding.He has also said he will temporarily halt all Syrian refugees coming to the United States. He has pledged “extreme vetting” for other refugees, including an “ideological certification” by which they would have to show they share American values. He said he would halt immigration from regions of the world that are “compromised by terrorism,” although he has not specified what countries he means.And he has said he will tighten scrutiny throughout the immigration system, including on foreigners who come to work or to reunite with their families. Although the system already has crippling backlogs, Mr. Trump wants to further reduce legal immigration from its current levels — but he would need the approval of Congress for that.
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