Why does Pudsey bear have an eye patch,the Onesie and how to draw it.

Why does Pudsey bear have an eye patch,the Onesie and how to draw it.

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The reason why Pudsey wears an eye patch has been a curious subject for long.There has been many speculations as to why this is.Pudsey Bear will be all over our tv screens as well as the Onesie being bought and worn by many in support of the Children in need charity which has saved and transformed many lives.Here we trace the history of how it became the most famous bear in the country and answer the question,why it wears an eye patch.We also try to teach you how to draw

The person responsible for the famous bear is a lady called Joanne Lane.She worked in the BBC design department and was given the task to upgrade the children in need logo.This was way back in 1985.
Speaking to the BBC about how she thought of the idea Joanne said: “It was like a lightbulb moment for me. We were bouncing ideas off each other and I latched on to this idea of a teddy bear.

“I immediately realised there was a huge potential for a mascot beyond the 2D logo.
“It was very important to me that whatever we came up with was something that young children could relate to.”she said.

Once she got that sorted out,she realised that the teddy had to be named.The production team entrusted her with the task and asked her to look for a suitable name.

Joanne then chose the name in honor of her grandparents and her hometown in Yorkshire.
So there you have it folks.Now lets teach you how to draw our lovable bear.The video below in the most simple form takes you through stages of how to draw Pudsey.

There actually has not been a straight answer for the eye patch.Some of the crazy reasons that have surfaced in the past are-having an accident as a cub that affected the eye,donating the eye to a child that needed an eye,or maybe our bear is just so cool and fashionable and needed to make a fashion statement.Which are you going with?
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