Why Donald Trump was rushed off rally stage in Nevada by secret service

Why Donald Trump was rushed off rally stage in Nevada by secret service

A Donald Trump assassination attempt during a rally, sent the secret service and Trump team into pandemonium on a Reno Nevada stage on saturday night.Except it really was not an assassination attempt against the Republican presidential candidate.

For a split second,the secret service ran on the Nevada stage where a Trump rally was going on and yanked him off the stage in a hurry.
Trump is not even president yet and already the circus is in town?
So why was Donald Trump rushed off the Nevada stage by the secret agents during the rally?
Well,the whole drama started when someone thought they had seen a man in the crowd holding a gun.The suspect as you can imagine was then pounced on by the beefy secret service agents and guess what?When he was searched,no gun or weapon was found on him.The man then had to be

Explaining his ordeal later,Austyn Crites  revealed how he only wanted to hold up a protest sign at the rally.‘All of sudden these people next to me are getting violent,’ says the self-proclaimed Republican, who was wrestled and placed in a chokehold on Saturday. ‘I was very happy that the police came,’ he adds.

So the Trump assassination was a hoax afterall.I would not be surprised if the whole thing was staged just to get some press and more mileage for the race into the White house.

So a few moments after Trump was rushed off stage by secret service in a now established false alarm assassination attempt,he came back on stage to continue his speech at the rally.And so the madness continues.It's gonna get even crazier in the next few days.

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