Why Justin Bieber punching fan in Barcelona should be jailed(Video)

Why Justin Bieber punching fan in Barcelona should be jailed(Video)

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The video seen here as Justin Bieber punches a fan in the face tells me sooner or later this spoilt brat will end up in jaill.The Canadian and music superstar has had too many chances to redeem himself but seems to never take them.
The other day he was in Manchester when he threw the microphone down and stormed off stage,guess the reason why?Because the crowd had the audacity to scream in appreciation when this demi god was speaking.We all remember the Justin Bieber and Orlando boom fight as well in public,although that could be probably excused as two old fools fighting over a woman.

Its the way he treats his fans that i find despicable.I also remember videos of when he was being
interviewed by a judge a couple of years ago and how rude he was.

If this fan who was hit has any brain,he would sue him and take him for every penny that he can.
The fan had a bloodied mouth from the punch,how is he going to explain this to a judge?The video shows the fan running after his car and he put in his hands on Justin through the window of the car which was wound down.To start with,he should not have wound down his window so low if he didn't want to be touched with so many fans around.Afterall he knows how hysterical his fans are.
But to the punch a fan so hard in the mouth to leave him with a bloody mouth is inexcusable.

See the Barcelona video yourself and decide.

Lets hope he is taught a lesson so he never has to hit any fan again ever.
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