Why Sambo Dasuki missed father Sultan Ibrahim Dasuki's burial

Why Sambo Dasuki missed father Sultan Ibrahim Dasuki's burial

The dead Sultan Ibrahim Dasuki was buried today in Sokoto.But there was a glaring absentee at the funeral.His son Sambo Dasuki who is still in the EFCC's detention.But according to reports,he didn't miss his father's burial cos of the EFCC.Sambo missed the burial at his own request as he was asked to go visit his father while he was ill and in hospital but turned down the chance.He is reported to have said he would rather pray for him.

When the 92 year old ex Sultan of Sokoto Ibrahim died,the son was once again given the chance to go to the burial,but once again he turned down the chance.Saying once again that he would rather
pray for him.
There were actually innitial fears when we first saw the Dasuki dead headlines,but it quickly was made known that it was the Sultan who died and not the son who was held by the EFCC on corruption charges.

Now to the missed burial story,the news that was going round was that Buhari had taken revenge on Sambo who had refused him to go to his own mother's burial while in detention.But the Presidency came out with a statement denying this.

This was the statement by the minister of  interior,Alhaji Abdulrahman Dambazau:
“Let me correct the impression that Col Sambo Dasuki was prevented from attending the burial rites of his father. We had discussed with the DG SSS and he was offered the opportunity to visit his late father on his hospital bed in Abuja. “He declined, saying he preferred to remain where he was and pray for his sick father. He was also offered to be in Sokoto throughout the mourning period and also declined, preferring to pray for him. That was the true situation.”
The 18th Sultan of Sokoto was appointed as Sultan in 1988 and was the first Sultan from the Buhari line of the House of Dan Fodio, the founding father of the Sokoto Caliphate.However his reign did not last long as he was deposed in 1996 during the military government of General Sani Abacha and sent on exile to Jalingo.
He later moved to Kaduna and that was his place of residence till he met his death from an illness.

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