Why Those giving Miss Anambra Chidinma an award are only using her name

Why Those giving Miss Anambra Chidinma an award are only using her name

Chidinma Okeke,Miss Anambra has been honored by an entity known as Miss Diva awards.I think it's a shameful awards and really shows how people are prepared to go to any lengths for 5 minutes of fame.Now,don't get me wrong,i don't support how Chidinma has been crucified by Nigerians because of her now infamous cucumber leaked lesbian sex video.

Chidinma has not even given her version of the story yet,so you don't know what was happening in that sex video.What if they were being paid to shoot the video.Would you still be honoring a person like that?But that is not even the poinyt.The point that annoys me is that these people are not really honoring the disgraced ex Miss Anambra,Chidinma.They only want to use her name for their 5
minutes of fame.
Now see below their explanation.
Organizers of Miss Diva Awards have explained why they are honouring embattled ex-beauty queen, Chidinma Okeke, despite her alleged involvement in a series of sex tapes which have been buzzing the internet for weeks now.

“Chidinma didn’t have to meet any criteria to receive this award. It was solely the decision of the brand to honour her,” Chijioke “Mr. Decency” Awugosi, project coordinator of DIVA Queens award, said.

“We are aware of the controversy that will come with it. But we hope that in due time, every well-meaning and reasonable individual will see the reasons behind the award.”
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Mr. Chijioke, also said the award’s organisers were supporting the ex-beauty queen to curb the exploitation of young girls by the “high and mighty” in the modelling industry, who allegedly use blackmail to tarnish the image and dreams of young girls and bring the modelling industry as a whole into disrepute.

“We chose to stand with Chidinma right till the very end. We’ll give her every support we have at our disposal; morally, psychologically, legally. She is an icon and through her we can reach out to thousands of girls who have or are on the verge of being sexually exploited. It is a civilized world, we shouldn’t be so judgmental,” he said.
Meanwhile, the decision to honour Chidinma has drawn both criticism and applause on the social media.

However, the implications of this scandal for Chidinma are growing direr. After losing her title, the former Miss Anambra was also condemned by Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS), the organizers of the pageant.

In a recent development, The National Coordinator of the Association for Universal Moral Education Nigeria, Therese Nwodo,  blamed failed parenting for the alleged sex scandal.

The Catholic sister called on the Nigerian public not to traumatize the beauty queen the more by dramatizing her situation but to offer her psychological and spiritual succor to overcome the crisis.

“The lesbianism story about the beauty queen is unfortunate; it is symptomatic of what is going on in the society now. Our values have gone down; parents are no longer available to teach their children what is socially acceptable”, she told News Agency of Nigeria.
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