Zara return policy made my 9yr old daughter cry

Zara return policy made my 9yr old daughter cry

My little girl's birthday was ruined by the Zara returns rules.She is 9 years old and for many weeks she had seen this lovely red dress in the store she had set her eyes on.It was going for £40 so even though she had been saving her penny,there was no way she was going to make that payment.I am between jobs right now myself and a single parent.So it would have been tough for me as well to afford such an outfit.

But one of my friends decided to surprise her and but her the outfit.She lives in Ireland and luckily
she was in town for my girl's birthday.She bought it and gave us the receipt in case there was any need to go back to the store.She must have been psychic.As it turned out,Emily was not at home when she brought the dress over,she was at school.By the time she got back,my friend had left.
Anyway's she tried the outfit and it was not quite the right fit,so we returned it to the store,which was near us as well.When we got there,it was one drama after the other.To start with,the sales assistant who attended to us must have been having a bad day,cos she hardly had anytime for us.We explained to her what had happened.We would like to exchange this outfit for another one for obvious reasons.She reminded me of their 30 day policy and i said yep,i knew about that.We got this only yesterday.So shouldn't be a problem.

Unfortunately,they did not have the dress in is my girl's favourite colour.We asked her to check another store which was not too far away so we could go in there and get a red one.After a couple of calls,we found a store that had it in stock.Emily who before now had looked all sullen and ready to burst into tears suddenly came alive.Her face lit up and she was excited she could get her dress after all.
So we asked for a refund since she did not want nothing else in the store.

W got in the car and drove 40 minutes to the other store and on getting there explained the situation to them.Thankfully,theyw ere expecting us.This shouldn't take long i thought.If only....
I showed the attendant my receipt and she asked for the card which it was paid with.I then explained the situation,it was a birthday gift and the lady who bough it has returned to the Republic of Ireland.But as you can see,all the details are there,this was clearly bought from one of your stores yesterday i told her.She was having none of that and insisted she had to see the card it was purchased with.

At this point,i was getting really upset so i calmly asked her to go get me her manager as i feel this could be sorted out amicably.Well,the manager came and she was even more arrogant.I have been to stores where the staff are a little more engaging and especially where kids are involved.To be fair,i have been to this store in the past many times too,and the customer service has been good.But not this time.
The manager reiterated what her staff member had said that we really had to provide the credit card with which it was purchased.

So i asked them if they could give me a gift card instead,surprisingly i was told they don't do gift cards,Now,that i found shocking,i don't know if they do now,but that was what i was told.So i asked what was the solution now?I was told an exchange will be no problem.So now it was back to the shopping floor trying to find what my daughter will like enough to replace what she had returned.Unfortunately for one reason or the other,we just couldn't quite get anything.Emily was sobbing by now,but i kept reassuring her it will be all fine.You know what it is like shopping for girls of that age if you have one.But we had my child and i came to a compromise,we got a slightly bigger size in her favourite colour which she could hopefully wear in a year's time.

We also saved some money cos it was £2 cheaper than the initial one.Got to the counter and i was told there was a problem.What is the problem i asked?Well the item you chose is £2 cheaper than the original one.Yes i know i replied,why is that a problem?Now her answer got me laughing,i thought she was having a laugh.But no she wasn't.She said i had spend the full £40 as they could not refund any change.So i said in that case don't worry.Keep the change.She said no.Their rules says i have to spend it..Jeeeeeez! So i either had to buy something worth 2 quid or more than 2 quid and add to it with cash.
Now i was about to burst into tears.

We went back on the shop floor and got a hat for £7.99,and payed the difference in cash.This was my crazy experience with the Zara return policy even though i had my receipt and was not past the 30 days you were required not to go past.Would i be returning there soon?Yes because as you know they have great stuff.But if another store has the same item,i think i would rather go there.

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