4 short ways how to go live on instagram step by step

4 short ways how to go live on instagram step by step

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How did we live before social media?The latest introduction of going live on ig android is gonna take things to the next level.Here in 4 very short steps,we will show you how you can start sharing those videos of your live!

1.Go into your ig app and swipe left from your home screen just as you do when you are about to post a photo on your ig story.

2-From the option whether to toggle between your story,posting a boomerang to your story or going
live.Choose to toggle to go live.

3-You are now open to start sharing your posts from where ever for up to an hour!
4-When you are done,end the broadcast. 

The videos you are sending on Instagram will only show up on the home screen under the stories banner at the top; friends and followers will know that you're on air right now based on the word "LIVE" underneath your story. Once users are no longer on air, the video will not be stored on Instagram accounts or their story and will disappear forever — which can definitely be a good thing, depending on how exciting or boring the broadcast was.

So there you are folks,pretty easy way how to go live on ig.Like i said ,i wonder how we all survived before social media.Facebook is on air,you can make phone calls to anywhere in the world free of charge as well on Facebook and Whatsapp,its incredible really.My phone bill has never been so low.And i know this is just the tip of the iceberg,we are in store for more incredible feats in the world of technology.Oh ,how i wish i was 14 years old.The future is so bright and exciting.
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