Actor Obi Madubogwu:about time Nollywood gets its house in order!

What is going on in Nollywood?Actor Obi Madubogwu is yet another one to fall seriously ill without no help coming in.I think it is time Nollywood puts its house in place.They have thousands of members.How much will it cost to take out a multi million dollar health insurance for their members?Between them the premium should be peanuts.The government has shown they are not up to the tax or they simply don't care.So,like my father always says,if you want something done properly,do it yourself! Take your destiny in your
own hands.

Its very sad seeing all these proud men stripped of their dignity so publicly.

"Mr. Obi Madubogwo is critically ill, he is finally out of Coma after a toxic battle with Diabetic wound . Currently the family has ran short of Fund to continue giving him what he needed, they need lots of money to pay for surgery, tests, medication etc else they will amputate his leg to save his life. He takes a pint of blood daily.
He needs our support urgently. Please no amount is too small. You can donate blood at d hospital. It's really critical. He is currently in FMC inside railway corporation, Ebute Meta, YABA, Lagos. We can save his life and not to wait until the worst happens and we will sew ASOEBI and dance, glorify him, eat the small change the family may borrow and shout...God Forbid!!! Let's save this brother and great Actor while he's stil alive and Heaven will be happy with us...Amen! He needs us now as friends and colleagues. Let's all reach out to him Show him love and support We will be posting the list of those that supported with the amounts of the donor so wish..Please send your contributions for Mr Obi Madubogwu to---- Chioma D Okoye 0864102013 FCMB
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I hope he gets the help he needs prompt.But most importantly ,i hope this nonsense comes to an end fast.Are we the only ones with an entertainment industry?I am sure others from others countries fall sick too.They just have things in place.
Get well soon,Obi Madubogwu.

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