Bishop Tom Samson steps out of Limousine onto red carpet on roadside

One of the most flamboyant Nigerian clergy men,Bishop Tom Samson and his cars are well known.It seems every time you see him in the news ,its with a new car.The new image of him seen beside his outlandish limousine just makes me wonder how long are people continue to be foolish and let these so called men of God take them for a ride?Pun intended.
Most of these people can't even eat 3 square meals a day,yet they allow men like Samson to keep living a life of fantasy based on you getting the same thing not here on earth,but in heaven.The poor man builds the church,funds a school for the church and universities,yet their won children cannot afford to go to these institutions.They then watch outsiders come in and enjoy what they had built with their own sweat.Yet they keep keeping on,expecting glory in heaven and suffering on earth.
I can't fathom the stupidity of it all,and frankly every time i see it,it makes my blood boil.But there is
nothing you can do about it,if you scream from today till tomorrow,certain people will still quote those stupid verses for you asking you not to touch not my anointed.
bishop tom samson limousine

Like the famous musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti sang many years ago,"My people self,they fear too much,they fear to fight for happiness and liberty"Out of fear of not wanting to die,sorry folks,we all die!

But hey,as long as people still have that mind set,our dear Bishop Tom will keep living in the most flamboyant luxury ever imaginable!
I see a police escort vehicle behind him.What is that needed for?Doesn't his God protect him from all evil?These people are jokers!

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