Canadians Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo sisters video admitting blackmail after arrest

Canadians Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo sisters video admitting blackmail after arrest

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This is the video made by shamed Canadian sisters,Jyoti And Kiran Matharoo,grovelling and apologising after their arrest in Nigeria for trying to extort money from wealthy Nigerian men through website Naijagistlive dot com.The instagram Toronto celebrities have been held in a cell after appearing in court for the offence.They ran into a road block when they tried to blackmail,Nigerian billionaire Femo Oredola.

The video made suggests there is probably a deal in place to release the sisters.Personally,i'd be very disappointed.I think they deserve to go to jail for their terrible actions.They are estimated to have
made about $700,000 from their scam.
They apologized also to other petitioners they had written damaging stories about. They claimed they never intended to use to site to extort anyone, that it was Babatunde BAUDEX, the IT guy behind the site,who collected the money.


The sisters have become even more famous now since their story broke.They had been known on social media such as instagram for flaunting their lifestyle.
The Kim Kardashian look alikes on social media.

In court in Nigeria.
They sold marketed themselves after Kim Kardashian and in some pictures they could pass for look alikes.They dated some of the most influential men in Nigeria where they made a temporary home.Many trips were arranged to ferry them all over the country in private jets and yachts.
Kiran and Jyoti were often seen in the best night clubs sipping the most expensive champagne and loading thousands of the images on their snap chat and instagram pages.

It so humbling to see these flamboyant and often pompous girls looking so sheepish in apology.I guess every dog does indeed have its own day.

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