Emma Ugolee illness:Celebrities beg Nigerians to help save his life!

More celebrities are appealing to Nigerians regarding Emma Ugolee illness.Among those who have cried out are Linda Ikeji,Seun Kuti and Dbanj.The Koko master in particular has donated N1m towards the treatment of the tv presenter who is suffering from chronic kidney disease.Why is this thing so rampant among Nigerians lately anyway?If this is affecting so many public figures like
this,can you imagine how many people without a voice that it has killed?

What is the Nigerian government doing about this?Have they taken a look into why this has become rampant?Is it our lifestyle?A certain food we consume too much?Social habbits?If they can determine this,why not then start a massive campaign to help educate the public so that many Nigerians will stop dying needlessly?
But i guess ,we don't do common sense in Nigeria.I have lost count of the number of times i have seen people campaigning and lobbying for funds online for this treatment,it is too much! Haba ,kilode?

We lost OJ Jezreel to the same thing ,not quite a year ago,now Emma Ugolee is fighting for his life on the same issue.And we are told according to the patient that he has been down with this illness for the last 4 years,and has spent millions on this.
This is what happens when the country of your birth has no dependable health system for the man on the street.

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