How Bad girl Bella Thorne lied to Charlie Puth while still dating Tyler Posey

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So the Bella Thorne Charlie Puth drama has gotten fans engrossed.Talk is that the actress hooked up with the singer while she was still seeing her supposedly ex boyfriend.But she has come out to deny that allegation.Claiming she had been single for weeks.Charlie ain't buying that explanation though as he is adamant she lied to him.SO WHO IS RIGHT AND WHO IS WRONG?

Apart from refuting the stories,Bella has also denied she is even dating Charlie,saying they are just friends.Bella insisted she was single at the time, and tweeted: “Ty and I have been broken up for like
over two weeks and charlie and I AREN'T DATING we are friends. That article was written forever ago.”

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But the singer thinks otherwise.The funny thing is he now sympathises with Posy saying his heart has been messed up.Phew! This thing called love,what is it all about?
It came after Charlie hit out at the star on Twitter, and claimed he was told she was single at the time of their alleged romance – a fact Bella has since confirmed.

Here are some tweets of the whole love triangle drama .


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