Hunter man punches kangaroo to save dog's life(youtube video)

Hunter man punches kangaroo to save dog's life(youtube video)

A Youtube video that appears to show man punching kangaroo after finding it strangling his dog has gone viral.Animal lovers have been caught in two minds as they don't like violence against them.The Kangaroo had the dog in a headlock in the unusual fight before he was rescued.How is that possible though people?The whole thing sounds barmy to me,and this has led to some people calling the video a fake.But how can it be fake if  there is a clip to support it?

Other reports also said the guy was a Zookeeper,you see how confusing this gets?
The clip itself is one of the funniest things i have ever seen.It starts with the guy jumping out of his vehicle to rescue the poor animal being attacked.We then see the dog actually being held in a headlock by Australia's favourite animal,just like it was being strangled.As the man or Zookeeper,what ever you wanna call him approached,like he was about to attack our now famous Skippy,the lesser animal used this opportunity to escape the grip.

And this was where our hero right hooks Skippy in the face,looking shocked,he hopped away into the bush..So surreal,never seen nothing like it before.

They both were actually bouncing up and down squaring up to each other like this was a proper fight,but it was between a human and an animal.Still can't believe my eyes.
And the drama did not end there cos after so many outcries from people who did not like Skippy being hit,the management at the Zoo are now conducting an investigation to see what really occurred.
All i can say is Wow!

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