jls star member oritse williams arrested in rape claim

jls star member oritse williams arrested in rape claim

The news headlines screamed,jls star arrested,shocking fans across Britain.A member of the pop goup, Oritse Williams has been accused of rape.The singer was arrested on suspicion of the incident in Birmingham.He was reported to the police by the alleged victim,a 20 year old fan after they met at a concert after party in Gorgeous nightclub,Wolverhampton. 
According to reports,the victim who is a waitress had gone back to the pop star's hotel with her friend and another friend of the singer.They had all been drinking but the accused was not.

When the waitress left with her friend,she came when she realised she had forgotten something at the
hotel.Now, this is where it does not make sense to me.The girl is supposed to have realised that they had left behind a bag containing a purse, which contained money for a taxi home.
So she goes back.Why didn't she go with her friend?This is night time,they had all been drinking,they had no money to get home.Does it make sense that one friend will wait out in the cold at night,while the other goes back to a hotel alone ,knowing that 2 men are there?
It just sounds somehow to me,sorry.

Anyway,it was while she was there she was raped.The police were called and Ortise was immediately arrested.“West Midlands Police were called to a Wolverhampton hotel at 7.45am on Friday December 2 after an allegation of rape and sexual assault was made by a 20-year-old woman,” they said.
If you were to ask me,i will say this whole thing sounds like it was carefully orchestrated by the girl.Bear in mind also that when she got back to the hotel,she would have told the jls member that they forgot the purse which had their taxi fare and her friend was waiting.Why then would he attack her when he knows she will go back looking distraught and her friend easily being able to tell something had happened?
oritse williams rape

Police are currently studying CCTV footage of the night for clues.It should also be noted that there has been no official charges as of now.West Midlands police has confirmed that he has not been charged for the incident and has been bailed till February 2017 while investigation goes on.Both he and his 29 year old friend.

So many times when there is a complaint of assault,the accused is always presumed guilty,but it should not be so.Whilst,it is a terrible thing for any woman to be attacked,every case should be viewed independently and not just assumed the alleged act had been carried out.The life of an accused can equally be destroyed if he has been accused falsely.
Where they met,the Gorgeous nighclub in Wolverhampton.

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