Listen to Gov Wike bribery audio as he threatens to kill inec officials

Governor Nyesom Wike has been caught up in a bribery scandal where he is allegedly heard on an audio tape threatening to kill 2 INEC officials who had been paid to rig the Rivers state election but failed to deliver.
The controversial recording was released by popular news medium Sahara Reporters.As expected,sources from the governor has denied him being the one on the taped phone call, insisting it was doctored.The Senior Special Adviser to the governor on Social Media, Oraye Franklin said: “There is nothing technology cannot do.”

The telephone conversations,revealed the governor arranging with INEC officials, particularly those sent from Plateau State, to rig the election for candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Etche, Khana, Ikwerre and other key local government areas in the state.
 A female Independent National Electoral Commission official who was complaining that the money offered by the governor was not sufficient for the rigging task got Wike infuriated and he told the woman that he had already paid the electoral coordinator in Plateau State.
At one point in the conversation, when Nyesom was told that one of the electoral officers was reluctant to sign one of the result sheets, he threatened to demand his money back from the recalcitrant official. He then threatened to kill the official, stating that the man would not leave Rivers State alive.
Stressing that “Ikwere Local Government did it”, he warned that if others failed to deliver he would make sure that they did not leave the state.

Anybody who has heard the No 1 man in Rivers state speak,will know he has a very distinct voice.If this audio is fake,then they must have done an amazing job and the perpetrators should go to Hollywood or go and work on James Bond films.On the other hand if this tape is genuine,what next?Too many times we have seen situations like this in Nigeria with nothing being done about it.No accountability process whatsoever.
What happened to the Ekiti Gate tape?Nothing! And the worst part is there will be no announcement to the citizens saying we have conducted an investigation,and this is what we found or did not find.Just total silence,and buried.Nigeria is truly an incredible nation where anything goes.

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