Pics inside reigners bible church uyo before building collapse that killed many

Pics inside reigners bible church uyo before building collapse that killed many

Apostle Akan weeks

These are pictures taken just before the collapse of the Reigners bible church Uyo, that left more than 60 people dead.The founder of the church Apostle Akan Weeks who was to be ordained a Bishop escaped the tragedy along with the governor of the state,Udom Emmanuel.

Eye witnesses of the incident in the Akwa Ibom state capital said the roof of the church had suddenly caved in during service,with heavy metal and concrete debris falling on top of many worshippers in the auditorium.

As you can see in the pictures,the place was packed and everybody was happily engaged in the
service with no inclination or prior warning of what lays ahead.
One of the survivors said it all happened within a minute and they were all left running for their lives.
The governor seen speaking after the building collapse said,there will be thorough investigation as to what led to the tragedy.
But it was well known withing the state that workers on the site were working against time trying to meet up with the deadline of unveiling Akan Weeks on saturday.
This most likely is what led to proper things as well as procedures not being put in place to secure the building and avert any disasters.
We await the investigation,but two things are certain.The first is,this will not bring back the lives of over 60 people that were needlessly killed.Also,it is not the first time that we will have these kinds of promises,Pastor TB Joshua incident with the Synagogue building collapse that saw over 100 people dead,readily springs to mind.Nigeria we hail thee.

the reigners bible church uyo building collapse pictures

The hospital were members were rushed to.

The lucky Governor of Akwa Ibom state Udo Emmanuel.

The Choir singing at the service,moments later it was a deadly chaos.

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