Sad question of what did Rick Parfitt die of answered as tributes pour in

Sad question of what did Rick Parfitt die of answered as tributes pour in

Rick parfitt death

The question that keep surfacing is how did Rick Parfitt die,since the sad announcement of the Status Quo guitarist's demise.To think the many heart attacks,drinking excessively and taking the highest amount of cocaine was not enough to get him but an infection managed to is really sad.His cause of death officially is from an infection picked up while in hospital in Marbella Spain.He had gone in for treatment on an old shoulder injury,it was while in there that an infection killed him on christmas eve.
What a way to go,you are away on holiday,taking a rest and then that happens.The 68 year old rocker had retired from his group Status Quo after yet another heart attack.The last one being on stage performing with his partner of the last 50 years Francis Rossi,who thought he had died.This is what Rossi said about the experience:"I saw him lying there and what they were doing to him and I
thought, 'Oh s**t'.
"They were pumping his chest with so much effort his arms were flailing. He was gone.
"I almost said, 'Oh leave him alone'. I wouldn't want people doing that to me. But it wasn't my call.
Reacting to the experience,Rick himself commented it will take more than death to kill him,but gave reasons for his retirement from performing after 50 years on stage-
"I do not want to tax myself in any way. I've been told medically not to.
"So whether it's a full gig or a cameo I'd still get fairly nervous and I do not want to get out on stage and drop dead in front of the fans!"
"I'm just aware of the nervousness I get before I go on stage. It does pump your heart slightly when you start to pace up and down the room, and you're about to go in front of thousands of people.
With his son Jnr.
I feel particularly sorry for his wife and kids,and the Rick Parfitt twins Tommy and Lily being the youngest of his kids.He will also be missed by his many wives or should that be ex wives.He was married 3 times,the last one being to current wife and fitness instructor,Lyndsay Whitburn.But no one should forget the impact this will have on his band mate as well.Everybody in rock knows about the Rick Rossi and Rick Partiff chemistry.Watching those two on stage all these years singing and playing guitar riffs to their classics songs such as Whatever you want,Rocking all over the world and my favourite,you're in the army now,was a joy.

Rick Parfitt proudly shows off his baby twins Tommy Oswald and Lily Rose
With wife Lyndsay Whitburn and kids.
Then there is the hedonistic part of the terrible twins,at their height,the band mates and best friends for 50 years  were infamous for their drugs and drink binges - Francis would splash out £1,200 a week on cocaine and it was once reported that he had done so much damage to his nose that part of his septum fell out when he had a shower.He gave up the lifestyle but his now dead friend continued for a few more years yet.
This is yet another sad case of celebrity deaths that has been constant in 2016.I have never known a year like it,absolutely horrendous!
The star also had some tragedy in his own life,the most famous being the widely covered Rick Parfitt child death story.The loss of his 3 year old daughter Heidi, who drowned in a swimming pool in his Surrey house 32 years ago.
Opening up about the awful incident in 2008, after the birth of his twins,he said: "It is beautiful to have a daughter again."You can never replace Heidi but to have a little girl again is a dream for me."

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Some of the tributes that came pouring in included,legendary Queen guitarist Brian May,who said he had rocked their world and would be sorely missed.
He was born on October 12 1948,his children are Tommy,Harry,Richard and Lilly,

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