Solomon Dalung Funds properly spended grammar goes viral

Do you  remember the Solomon Dalung video on United states of Nigeria?Well the minister dropped another clanger when he quoted the funds spended were properly spended,while addressing the senate committee on sports.The Nigeria minister of sports is fast becoming a joke anytime his name is mentioned.The same man was the man who said the Falcons funds and allowance was not ready because they did not think they would win the women's African championship they were partaking
He also famously referred to the nation as the United states of Nigeria as seen in one of the 2 videos below.His latest gaff however makes you wonder how competent this man is?How can a minister say something as ridiculous as the funds spended were properly spended?
Whne i heard of this,i was sure some people were up to mischief or something.I thought how could that be possible?This was a man who was a law lecturer at the university before his national appointment.
But low and behold,i saw the two video with my 2 obodo eyes,and i still can't believe what i heard.
So would you trust this man to lead your company,talk less as be in charge of a national ministry?

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