Ultimate Cycler Nigeria relaunches with guarantees but....

Ultimate Cycler Nigeria relaunches with guarantees but....

People are still crying over the MMM disaster and now Ultimate Cycler Nigeria is here offering people another chance to double their money.But as the famous saying goes,once beaten twice shy,seems like the people are not interested.They just want their money back.

Funny that people got burnt by MMM,because all the signs were there.Thee was a big disaster in Zimbabwe,what made them think the same would not happen in Naija?But i guess money is the root of all evil,and once you tell someone they can double their money,their face lights up.

Ultimate Cycler which is one of the most popular money doubling schemes worldwide, on Friday,
December 16, relaunched.
Peter Wolfing, the UC founder, on Saturday, December 17, took to his Facebook account to announce to users that the site transfer had been completed.
He advised people not to be alarmed during this time as his team has been working around the clock and is happy they are in the final stages.
Wolfing also said UC has broken every record in the industry for new members and growth in a 30 day period, and in most cases more than most companies grow in 10 years, adding that 2017 will be your year to make this happen as a team.

So,how does ultimate cycler work in Nigeria?
When you register, you will need to donate the sum of N12,500 to a fellow member you registered under his link, and he will then confirm your donation.
Create an Ultimate Cycler Account Here
Your registration will be complete when you have sent N12,500 ($25) to the person you are matched with.
After that, login to your ultimate Cycler account, click on “My Profile”, when your profile loads up, scroll down to the part that says “Payment Instructions.” Delete the default text you don’t need there and enter your bank account details there.
Note: You will get paid to the bank account details you entered in the “Payment Instructions” section. So, make sure it is correct.
Whenever you receive payment go to your Ultimate Cycler account to confirm that the person has paid you. This is also important.
The system (Admin) will put 4 other registered people under you from spillovers who will also pay you N12,500 each, into your bank account, making N50,000. You can also bring people to register under you if you can’t wait for the system to do it for you.
After you have your 4 people under you, you can now upgrade to Grade 2, where you Will need to pay N25,000 from your N50000 to a Grade 2 upline member and now you don’t need to worry on how to get people in this level, the system will bring 16 persons under you who will pay you N25000 each making N400,000.
There also is a level 2.You can view that on their website.

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