Watch Nigerian woman go crazy at Halifax Uk bank threatening to beat up staff!

This is one of those open mouth moments as this Nigerian woman completely loses her mind in a Halifax UK bank and threaten to beat up a member of staff for stealing her money!I have watched the video a few times and still cannot understand what came over her.The staff were not rude or aggressive with her,in fact they were very calm.All we could hear her shouting is "you tried to steal my money,i will beat you,i will kill you..no more slavery"
I mean what the hell was that all about?She then goes on screaming come outside,bastard,idiot and all
sorts..A real comedic moment.

Apparently,the whole trouble started when she could not get some money from the ATM machine,she then went into the bank and totally lost it.One moment you think she is crazy,and the next she seems quite normal.This is a very confusing one.
You will have to watch the video yourself and decide.

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